The overall goal is for you to gain insight into the main purpose and content of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The training focuses on the basic principles and rules of the regulation. The training consists of an e-learning module including test questions to ensure your knowledge.

After completing the training, the participant must know, among other things:

  • What according to the regulation is the legal basis for processing personal data.
  • The data subjects’ rights to access their personal data, have their data corrected and deleted, prevent certain use of the data and transfer the personal data to other companies.
  • What information about the processing of personal data is to be provided to customers and others?

You who want to gain knowledge about the main purpose and content of the GDPR.


The training is carried out in Finanskompetens Portal. It consists of an e-learning including test questions.


The education covers the following areas, among others:

  • The purpose of the GDPR
  • Key concepts in GDPR
  • Legal basis for the processing of personal data
  • The data subject’s rights
  • Information about the processing of personal data

For further information and support:
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For larger groups, contact:

Javier Massot