The objective of the certification is to create understanding and make you aware of the activities required to achieve a transition to a sustainable future. To achieve this change and create effect, a lot of initiatives, recommendations and regulations are required.

The certification contains the following areas:

  • Introduction to sustainability
  • International initiatives
  • Climate related risks
  • Biodiversity
  • Environment
  • European initiatives and regulations
  • The EU Taxonomy regulation
  • The EU regulation on sustainability-related disclosures
  • Client’s sustainability preferences
  • Sustainable lending
  • Circular economy


The certification serves as a industry-wide introduction on sustainability for the various professional roles in the banking, finance and insurance industry.


The certification is carried out digitally through self-studies, with the support of a detailed study plan. You work with the digital material in the form of eight e-learnings, divided into five sub-areas and a final certification test. After passing the certification test, you will receive a certificate. Your result is registered with the date when the test was passed.


In this industry-wide certification, we will go through some regulations and initiatives and how they affect:

  • The industry and the customers
  • The asset management
  • The investement advice
  • Disclosure of information
  • Insurance distribution
  • Business risks and opportunities
  • Services and products

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